A Year Like No Other

But We Stayed Busy


We're blessed.  We've remained healthy and, in spite of all this, we got a couple early cruises in before everything shutdown.

Kathy and I got a January “Getting Away From The Cold” cruise by flying to Miami and spending a week on one of Royal’s Oasis Class ships.  Allure of the Seas.  The is one of are the BIG ones with ~6,000 passengers!
Get Away From The Cold Cruise

I got one more cruise in before the shutdown.  Scott and I took Noah on a cruise for his 16th birthday.  I call this the “Three Generations Cruise”.  Little did we know at the time that we cruised one week before the entire system was shutdown.
The Three Generation Cruise

Life after the cruise found us following the rules (masks, social distance, washing, etc) and avoiding crowded places.  We even drove up to a places that appeared to be crowded and simply drove away.  We’re cautious but refuse to live in fear.  

In June I took up a challenge to get out around 6am every morning and go out for a walk.  Results were documented in a series of YouTube videos.
The Morning Walk Challenge
The Birthday Walk
The 100th Morning Walk

What remained of the golf course behind our home was shutdown which resulted in an opportunity to walk the cart path.  
The Golf Course Walk
The Neighborhood Walk

The front half of what used to be a golf course was totally being developed with new homes.  I took this opportunity to get some video of what remains of the back half of the course directly behind our home.
Hawk Valley GC
Views From Above

I took the stay at home time to address some technical items surrounding my photography.  For starters, I bought a copy of Apple’s “Final Cut Pro” video editor and taught myself how to use it.  In addition I tackled ….
360 Video Editors
Improving Video Audio Quality
Conquering Wind Noise
Lights Camera Action

In September, I traded my Chevy VOLT plug-in hybrid for a 2020 Chevy BOLT EV all electric.  I really liked the VOLT during the two years I owned it but my technical side wanted to experience an all electric.
Chevy BOLT EV Selfies
Chevy BOLT Dashcam Installation

Along the way I upgraded my Apple 27” iMac to a newer model.
The 27” iMac (mid-2020)
The 27” iMac Memory Module Installation

Our routine became getting in the car and going somewhere EVERY DAY.  Walk a trail, walk the mall, visit a different food store, or simply drive 10-12 miles to Starbucks for a coffee (or tea) and some Kindle reading time.  The point was to get off the couch and do something.

Check out our YouTube Channel for some short videos covering some trails we walked, some dashcam video, and even some doodling you can do on an iPad.  A link to the channel can be found at the bottom of our webpage, pasqualehome.com
YouTube Channel

Thanks everyone….

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