We finally got a break in the weather so off we went to visit the Wolf Sanctuary of PA that we have been meaning to visit.  We weren't alone in stepping out to have a look at these animals, a bunch of people had the same idea.  As it turns out, the wolves are not as active in warm weather and prefer the cold.  They really were in their element this past winter while we hunkered down and tried to say warm.  Tours were self guided with volunteers on hand to educate us on how these animals live.  Volunteers were very informative as they told us about these magnificent animals.  Each volunteer had a bucket of "treats" that kept the wolves front and center so we were able to get a good look at them.

While listening to stories about wolves, we heard about how they changed the course of a river in Yellowstone National Park.  A quick google search resulted in several videos about it, here is one of them.... Wolves Change River.

Both of us were taking pictures so don't be surprised if you see some duplicates.  Clicking on any of these thumbnails will direct you to flickr for a larger view and some additional information about the image.  All of the images were geotagged with a Sony GPS-CS3KA so clicking on where an image was taken will get you a satellite view of the location.



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