We were in Seattle to connect with Carnival Spirit for a cruise to Alaska and decided to arrive a couple days early to check out the sights.  Our flight from Philadelphia didn't arrive until 8:30PM on a Saturday night which gave us all day Sunday and Monday to play tourist in the city.  Our cruise was scheduled to depart on a Tuesday.  We were told to expect rain in Seattle so we came prepared with rain coats, rain pants, and water repellant shoes and rain is what we got for both days.  We viewed this as practice for what we might get in Alaska.

There are three methods for getting from the airport to the downtown area.  1) Take a cab at a fixed $32 rate but we thought it was metered.  2) Take a limo at a fixed $42 rate.  3) Take the light rail (~$5/pp) to downtown and walk from a station to a hotel.  The hotel suggested the limo so that's what we did.  We met a number of people who took the light rail option but obviously they were familiar with Seattle.  This was our first time so we took the safe way out.

We booked a room at the Hotel Max in downtown Seattle.  The hotel was located within walking distance to most of what we wanted to see.  Much of Seattle is also covered by bus which was free within the downtown area.  Downtown to the Space Needle area is covered by a monorail.  The Hotel Max was an older hotel that has been renovated in an art deco style.  The room and bathroom was small but was clean and more than adequate for our needs.  We especially enjoyed walking the hall and looking at the B&W images displayed on each door.


The first order of business was heading to the Pike Place Market to find breakfast and see if we could catch the fish mongers in action.  The market was loaded with photo ops and we ended up stopping in several times throughout the day.  Besides, it was indoors and offered some escape from the rain.  We did see the fish mongers tossing the fish around but we simply were not fast enough to photograph the action.


We heard about the Seattle Underground tour and how it wasn't to be missed.  How the underground came about makes for an interesting story which I'll leave to you, the reader, to check into.  Here are some images we captured along the tour.  For the photographers among you, many of these images were taken with a Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens.



We wanted to get out on the water and happened by the ferry boat terminal so we took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island.  Round trip tickets for TWO with senior discounts was less than $10, a true bargain.  We walked into downtown Bainbridge then rode the ferry back to Seattle.  The ferry boats were big, comfortable and gave us a break from the rain.



A visit to Seattle wouldn't be complete without going up in the Space Needle.  Downtown to the Space Needle is covered via monorail.  Yes, it was windy and raining up there and getting some drops on our lenses was unavoidable.



While watching the local news on Monday morning, we heard about a Chihuly Glass exhibit that was opening that very afternoon.  The exhibit was housed near the Space Needle so we had to stop in while in the area.  The exhibit can be described in one word, AWESOME!!  The displays and the color were simply breathtaking and it was difficult selecting which images to show here.



Images from around Seattle in general.  A Farris wheel being built.  The downtown transportation tunnel.  A display of old sewing machines.


A word about the images:  Click on any of these to get a larger view of the image along with some additional information.  Camera and geotag information is included.

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