Hard to believe that it's been four years since our last trip to PEEC in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.  We signed up for what was billed as a one day "Black & White Photography Tour" of some historic buildings in the Delaware Water Gap National Park.  The park was established in 1965 and encompasses 20,000 acres.  There are a number of structures throughout the park many of which are being reclaimed by Mother Nature.  Our guide from PEEC, Allison, did an amazing job locating these structures and providing a little bit of history.

Fifteen photographers took part in the tour.  I know, we were supposed to capture everything in B&W but we didn't.  We did, however, capture some B&W INFRARED images.

Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to flickr where you will find a larger image and camera information.  NONE of the images were "geotagged".  Allison asked that we not geotag because the information has been used by certain individuals to locate the structures  and do damage to them.  All of our images were taken with Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5 cameras.  The INFRARED images were taken with a 750nm converted Nikon P7000.   About the infrared images, images with the "yellowish" cast are as they came from the camera.  The "blueish" cast comes from performing a "channel mix" in Photoshop Elements.  I'm never quite sure which look I prefer.  Access to the park is open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Five sites were visited during the tour:

1) Smith-Birchenough Farm.  House 1871.  No known date for the barn.

2) Lennington Farm.  House and additions vary from 18th to 19th.  No known dates for the barn.

3) Smith-Birchenough Farm

4) Zimmerman Farm.  Some preservation work has been done around the property.

5) Broadhead/Heller Farm (est 1770's, 1890 house, barn/silo 1920)

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