This journey really began before Thanksgiving when our weekly Travelzoo list came in.  On the list that week was a special $150/night hotel rate for Christmas week.  The hotel listed was the Millenium Broadway Hotel located at Times Square, an incredible location.  We've often talked about spending the night in New York so this was our chance.  We booked a one night stay.  Per usual, we took the Bieber Bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal a few short steps from the hotel.  Our room was on the 42nd floor.



We have always heard good things about the Christmas show at Radio City so we booked a couple tickets for the 2pm show.  The seats we chose were at the back of the center section of the 1st mezzanine.  The view from these seats was pretty good until a couple tall women with bushy hair sat in front of us.  We simply couldn't see over them but managed to enjoy the show none the less.  The show in a word was AMAZING!  The sets, the color, the music.... EVERYTHING!  The show was a non-stop 90 minutes.  Here are a few pictures of the foyer, the music hall, and of the show itself.  None of these do justice to what you actually see/hear when you're there.  None of these images are Kathy's because security held her camera because the lens was to long.



After the Radio City show, we headed back to the hotel to put on some extra warm clothing.  Our mission for the evening was to take a 2 mile walking tour of some Christmas light displays.  The tour started at Macy's and wound it's way past Rockefeller Center all the way to Central Park.  Any concerns we had about walking around in New York after dark disappeared because of the number of people doing the exact same thing.  Here are some of the images we captured along the way.  Click on an image to get a little more information on what it's a picture of.



Our mission the second morning was to take the subway to Ground Zero and visit the 911 Memorial.  We had timed tickets we reserved online a couple weeks before.  The memorial opened this past September, the 10th anniversary of the attacks.  Everyone has to pass thru airport type security to enter the memorial and there was a definite security presence throughout the memorial.  The memorial currently consists of the two pools surrounded with panels containing the names of all those who were lost.  The grounds consisted of rows of tree lined walkways.  We spotted the "Survivor Tree" which carries an amazing story unto itself.  A museum is under construction.



Of course no trip to New York would be complete without taking in the sights.



Be sure and click on any image for a larger view, some additional information about the image, some camera information and a satellite image of where the picture was taken.


Images were also geotagged using a Sony GPS-CS3KA.

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