The High Line & Central Park Zoo

It's not my fault!!  The forecast called for sunny weather with temperatures in the mid to high 80's so the idea of applying some stain to our deck lost it's appeal.  Going someplace with our cameras instead of staying home to work on the deck became a "no brainer" choice.  So, off we went to New York City.  Per usual, we got there via Bieber Bus from Kutztown to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC.  Getting around from there was by subway and on foot and BOY did we do a lot of both!

A word about the images:  Click on any of these to get a larger view of the image along with some additional information.

Our primary mission for this adventure was to check out and walk The High LineThe High Line is a former elevated railroad bed, built in the 1930's, that was originally used to service New York's meatpacking district along the west side of Manhattan.  The end of it's use came in the 1980's and was eventually opened to the public in 1999.  The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation runs the park.  The sun was bright and hot which provided perfect conditions for some B&W Infrared photography.



Our second mission was to head back uptown to Central Park and check out the Central Park Zoo.  It's not the biggest zoo around but it certainly was convenient to get to.  We opted for the general zoo admission and skipped the extras that rounded out the "total zoo experience".



We strolled part of Central Park and originally thought, after the zoo, that it might be fun taking my "honey" for a boat ride on the lake.  Our "old dogs" were starting to scream at us so we settled for taking a few pictures before heading out of the park on the east side around 68th street.  The sun was bright and hot which provided perfect conditions for some B&W Infrared photography.



After Central Park, we took the subway downtown to the Chinatown / Little Italy area.  We wanted to have a late lunch / early dinner in Little Italy at one of the Mulberry St restaurants with curbside seating.  Portions are always more than we should consume so we like to walk some of it off with a stroll thru Chinatown before heading back to the Port Authority for the bus ride home.  Every time we go for one of these walks thru Chinatown, we discover something different.  This time we happened upon Columbus Park and found a number of people playing some sort of checkers game and others playing music.



New York is loaded with photo ops so here are some of the images we captured along the way.


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