Moosehead Lake

Greenville Maine

August 2011


Friends, Gene and Rita, invited us to spend the week with them in a rented cabin located in Greenville Maine.  When we think of Maine, we tend to think of coastal areas like Bar Harbor.  Greenville, on the other hand, is inland and way up and is located at the southern tip of Moosehead Lake.  One doesn't have to go far out of town to find yourself driving on gravel logging roads.  Roads, I might add, where logging trucks have the right-of-way.  The area is known for it's moose population so we ventured out several evenings on a "moose hunt" in the hope of seeing one and perhaps photographing it.  We saw sunsets and mosquitoes but no moose until, after one of the "moose hunts", we were driving on a gravel road in the dark and spotted a couple of them.  To dark for pictures so you'll have to take our word for it.  The area did have a number of photo ops to keep us going for the week.


Be sure and click on any image for a larger view, some additional information about the image, some camera information and a satellite image of where the picture was taken.


B52 Crash Site

In the 1960's a B52 flying a training mission in the area encountered a structural malfunction and came down near Greenville.  Access to the site involved driving 15-20 miles out of town on a paved road and then covering another 7-8 miles of gravel road.  We were surprised to see debris in the woods even near the beginning of the trail.  There was a lot of stuff strewn about and I'm sure there was a lot more to be seen if someone ventured deeper into the woods.  We didn't see any of the engines.  There were a couple informational plaques describing the airplane, the crash, and what the two survivors endured until rescue arrived.



Katahdin Steamship

Not to be missed is a cruise out on Moosehead Lake aboard the steamship Katahdin.  I say "steamship" but some years ago it was converted to diesel.  The ship originally went into service in 1914 and was used to haul rafts of logs on the lake.  The advent of roads brought the need for her to an end in 1975 and shortly afterwards she was donated to the Moosehead Marine Museum.  The ship is nicely maintained and passengers have complete run of it including the engine room (upon request).  The day we cruised aboard Katahdin was the most picturesque of our entire stay in Greenville.



Moxie Falls

We ventured out one day to photograph the largest waterfall in the area, Moxie Falls.  The falls are reached from the parking lot via an easily traversed trail some of which involved wooden boardwalks and stairs.  We found lots of other stuff to photograph besides the fall.  Getting to the parking lot, however, was another matter with two choices.  1) 16 miles of gravel logging road or 2) 70 miles of paved road.  We opted to take my car on the 70 mile road to the falls and make the return trip on the gravel road.



Little Wilson Falls

The write-up for Little Wilson Falls put the trails difficulty at "moderate" but the key for us was the less than one mile gravel road getting to the parking lot.  The lower falls were accessible right alongside the parking lot and there were some photo ops along the trail.  The trail itself, to the upper falls, got progressively more difficult until we reached a point 3/4 of the way in that was more difficult than we wanted to attempt.  We never made it to the gorge and the upper Little Wilson Falls.



Greenville Maine Area

There were a bunch of other things to do in the Greenville area.  The area is pretty well covered by seaplanes which we saw taking off and landing throughout the day.  We traveled on more than our share of logging roads as we sought out some wildlife, scenery, and small country shops to photograph.



The Cabin

Our friends booked the 2 bedroom cabin that we were invited to share with them.  The cabin was very comfortable and provided everything we needed to cook, watch TV, and play cards.  (BTW, the fisheye lens tends to make things appear more expansive than reality)




Images taken with a Nikon D300, Nikon P7000 and a infrared modified Nikon Coolpix 5400 are Joe's.  Kathy was packing her Nikon D60.  Images were also geotagged using a Sony GPS-CS3KA.


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