Carnival Miracle 9-11 Cruise

NYC - Bermuda - NYC

September 2011


Back in April we stumbled onto this "Early Saver" Carnival cruise to Bermuda and saw it as an opportunity to check another destination off of our "Cruise Bucket List".  This cruise was billed as an 8 day cruise... 2-1/2 sea days getting to Bermuda, 3 days in port, and 2-1/2 sea days returning to New York.  It technically doesn't take 2-1/2 days to get to/from Bermuda but we've always enjoyed the time to kick back and read.


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NYC Departure

We've done the New York City cruise ship departure several times but this one was far and away the most awesome experience of them all.  Departure was on September 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers.  Our departure time was originally scheduled for 4pm but our Cruise Critic "Roll Call" group hatched the idea, weeks in advance, of asking Carnival to consider delaying departure by a couple hours so we could pay our respects and view the "Towers of Light" as we sailed by.  Carnival contacted the NY Port Authority and received a go ahead.  Carnival, much to their credit, took hold of the idea and ran with it.  All of us received flags as we boarded, a NY Fire Department bagpiper was on board to walk the deck, and the ship was on station as we paid our respects.  It was a truly awesome experience that we were proud to have been a part of.  One of the "Roll Call" participants (involved with Rolling Thunder) created a banner to hang from the railing and designed a plaque and coin that we presented to the captain.  The plaque and coin are now on display on board the ship.....



Medical Emergency at Sea

The two days at sea heading to Bermuda were actually rather pleasant and relaxing except for a medical emergency that required a rendezvous with a US Coast Guard helicopter.



The Royal Navy Dockyard

Carnival docks in Bermuda at The Dockyard which, at one time, was a Royal Navy base.  TS Maria was working her way up the coast but we got into Bermuda before the storm passed us.  Weather on our arrival day was great but the second day saw most of us staying aboard the ship because of 40-50mph winds and rain.  We were able to venture out on the third day but conditions were VERY warm and humid, perfect for a dip in the pool after a morning seeing the sights.  We purchased three day ferry/bus passes for getting around the island.  Staying at the pier overnight also gave me the opportunity to capture some night time images.



St. Georges, Bermuda

First order of business, once the ship was cleared, was heading over to the ferry dock for the trip to St. GeorgesSt. Georges is the furthest point from the Dockyard so we wanted to visit the place on a day when the ship was in port for the night.  We arrived on time for the "Dunking of the Wench" event and spent a couple hours walking some parks.  We didn't see cats and dogs roaming about but did see a number of chickens.  We stopped in a local cafe for lunch before leaving the area. 



St. Peter's Church in St. Georges

While walking around St. Georges, we came across St. Peter's Church.  The church was located on a hill with a bunch of steps leading up to it.  It looked unique enough to be worth taking a peek inside.  We noticed that most of the pews faced the pulpit rather than the alter.  One section had lots of open woodwork.  Upon leaving the church, we wandered through the cemetery.



The Unfinished Church in St. Georges

We heard about the unfinished church in St. Georges and decided to check it out.  It truly is unfinished and has been that way for many years.  Technically, we were not supposed to enter but the gate was open because a couple workers were inside pointing some of the stonework.  I'm not sure it will ever be finished, certainly not in my lifetime.



Blue Hole Caves in St. Georges

A group of us from the Cruise Critic "Roll Call" had pre-arranged to get together and hike Blue Hole Park to search for the caves.  Getting to the park involved taking a public bus to Tom Moore's Tavern and entering the park there.  About 15 showed up for the hike.  There were 3-4 caves in the park none of which were developed for visitors to enter.  The real fun in all of this was the camaraderie we shared looking for the caves.  We exited the park at the opposite end then made our way to the Swizzle Inn to cool down.



Hamilton, Bermuda

Our second day in port was a wash because of TS Maria but conditions cleared up on our final day so we took the early ferry from the Dockyard to HamiltonHamilton is a bustling place with all of the trappings of a city.  Everything was clean but there was a lot of traffic to be careful of.  Lots of condos could be seen as we arrived on the ferry.



Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Hamilton

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity sits up on a hill in a prominent place in the landscape.  Word among other cruisers is that it was worth visiting.  Some had mentioned being able to climb the steeple (for a donation) but we didn't pursue this.



Fort Hamilton

Nothing like an old fort to photograph but this one was different.  The Fort Hamilton was so well groomed it had more of a park appearance to it.  We want to go back someday because we didn't get to walk the moat which looked like a jungle... it started to rain so we bailed out and headed back into Hamilton.



The Ship:  Carnival Miracle

We booked an obstructed balcony cabin, 5157.  Obstructed in that a lifeboat is in the way so you can't look down but you can still see over the boat.  You still have the benefit of a floor to ceiling and wall to wall window.  Interior amenities are just like any regular balcony cabin.  Some of these images have notes on them.


Of course a big part of being on a cruise is living on a ship.  This is the second time we've been on Miracle but there is always something new to check out.  These ships are amazing machines!  Click on the images for more information on what you are seeing.


Seas were very calm except for the final day at sea.  We encountered 15 foot seas and high winds so all open decks were closed off.  The wind driven rain was working it's way into the ship around some windows and doors.



Images taken with a Nikon D300 and Nikon P7000 are Joe's.  Kathy was packing her Nikon D60.  Images were also geotagged using a Sony GPS-CS3KA.

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