We visited Longwood Gardens back in June to catch the Bruce Munro light display.  Displays are lit by fiber optics that are in various configurations and change colors.  Some were outdoors in various locations as well as in the conservatory.  We hit most of the displays but did not see all of them.  This time around we went later and carried tripods with us.  As expected, results were much improved.  The photographers among you should take note that all of the images were taken with our cameras set to "P" (programmed auto) and minor adjustments made with some + and - exposure compensation.  Click on a thumb then the camera name to see what the actual settings were.

Our primary mission was to photograph the display set up in the "The Meadows".  Displays were basically stacks of plastic soda bottles filled with water.  We arrived later to make sure we had the darkness needed to really see the color.





While we were at it, we stopped by some of the other light displays and looked for a different perspective than before.





Of course no trip to Longwood would be complete without capturing images of other things





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