As members at Longwood Gardens, we had the opportunity to stop in on a members only opening night for the Bruce Munro light display.  Displays are lit by fiber optics that are in various configurations and change colors.  Some were outdoors in various locations as well as in the conservatory.  We hit most of the displays but did not see all of them.  The photographers among you should take note that none of these were taken from a tripod.  We anticipated a crowd so the tripods stayed home.  We'll have them with us next time but for now it was high ISO setting and bracing our cameras against any surface available.

The first display we came across was set up in "The Meadows".  Displays were basically stacks of plastic soda bottles filled with water.  A lot of darkness is needed to really see the color but this was our first stop and it was still to early.  Next time we'll save this for later in the evening when it's darker out.  For now, we did the best we could.




A very impressive display was setup in some nearby woods.  There were thousands of these lights to be viewed as we walked along a path thru the woods.




We came into the Conservatory and came across this display of chandeliers.




There was a display just outside of the entrance that we looked at upon arrival.  Of course it was early and nothing was lit up.  It was pretty dark as we were living which made the display simply dazzling.  Our cameras were already packed but we couldn't miss the photo op.




Of course we couldn't be at Longwood without stopping to see the pond lilies.  We also walked thru one of the tree houses that was lit up.


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