A friend, Mike, asked me if I was interested in joining him at The Hershey Antique Auto Show.  Not being one to miss a photo op, I said "yes" and we were off.  The antique auto show, I found out, is the largest east of the Mississippi.  I was amazed at the shear number of spectators converging on the place as well as where they were from.  We spent most of our time in a section of the show called "The Corral" where vehicles from the ordinary to the unusual and everything in between were up for sale.  After lunch we wandered through the used parts flea market where I was in awe trying to imagine where venders found all this stuff.


As expected, the photo ops were everywhere so I pointed my camera at what visually struck me even though I had no idea what I was photographing.  Mike, it turns out, is more of a car guy than I realized.  He was a walking automotive encyclopedia and filled me in on details I most certainly would have walked by without noticing.


Be sure and click on any image for a larger view, some additional information about the image, some camera information and a satellite image of where the picture was taken.




I geotagged my images with a Sony GPS-CS3KA.  "The Corral" was located along the perimeter of the parking lot.  The flea market was within the parking lot.  The yellow pins indicate where I was standing when a particular image was taken.


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