A November trip to Chincoteague VA seems to be turning into an annual event.  For this years trip we took friends Gene and Rita with us, their first trip to the island.  Gene is jumping back into photography and wanted to capture some wildlife images and maybe photograph his first sunrise.  We booked a room for two nights which gave us one full day of picture taking.  

The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 14,000+ acres and has everything from woods, saltwater and freshwater marshes and a beach.  All of this provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife as well as the famous Chincoteague Ponies.  Ponies, I might add, that are horses to this writer.

Our trip began at 2am the first morning with a trip to the hospital.  Gene's better half, Rita, developed a nose bleed that wouldn't quit so we had an ambulance take her to the hospital 45-50 miles away.  We thought the trip was coming to a premature end but Rita, being the tough old gal that she is, chilled out in the hotel room while the three of us spent the day taking pictures in the park.

During our time on the island we photographed a sunrise, the ponies, a number of birds, and people on the beach.  The snow geese were absent this year but the white egrets were in abundance.  No trip to the island would be complete without capturing some images of the lighthouse.

Clicking on these images will take you to a larger view on flickr.  In addition to a larger view of the image, the flickr page will also provide camera information (make, model, settings) and a map indicating where we were when taking the picture.  Click on the map then select satellite view... it's neat.

Kathy used a recently acquired Nikon D5100.  Joe used a Nikon D300 and a Nikon P7000.  All of the images were geotagged with a Sony GPS-CS3KA.


Kathy's Images



Joe's Images




The Photographers:

Left to Right:  #1: Gene, Rita  #2: Gene  #3: Gene, Kathy  #4: Gene  #5: Kathy  #6: Gene  #7: Joe, Gene



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