We get a weekly travel discount letter from Travelzoo.com and happened to come across an offering in Cape May.  The deal involved purchasing discount vouchers for a Sunday thru Thursday stay at the Star Inn in Cape May.  It's about a 4 hour drive to Cape May so we purchased vouchers for a two night stay.  That would give us a full day to point our cameras at whatever Cape May has to offer.


Of course, late March should bring some decent weather, right?  Nope, not this time.  We arrived to cold and rain.  The morning of our full day was cloudy with temperatures in the 40's and lots of wind.  The sun did come out in the afternoon, which helped, but the wind was still pretty cold.


The Star Inn was located a half block from the beach and a half block from "The Washington Street Mall".  It was still early in the season so some of the restaurants were closed but enough were open for us.  Our room at the Star Inn was fabulous.  It was actually a suite... a bedroom and a separate living room/kitchenette.  Very nice.


We did a lot of walking during our stay.  We walked the neighborhood, the beach, and around the lighthouse.  We even rode the Cape May / Lewis Ferry to get out on the water for a bit.  All in all, we bundled up and made the best of the weather.  Our cameras were put to good use even though there was no sunset/sunrise to take pictures of.


Clicking on any of these images will take you to flickr for a larger view and some additional information about the image.  Additional information includes "geotag" data which shows where we were when taking the picture.  A description of just what is available can be found by clicking here... flickr image info  


For starters, here are the satellite images we captured from our geotag software....


Here are some of the images we captured as we explored the area.  It should be noted that BOTH of us were taking pictures so some might appear to be duplicates.  The image title will indicate who took the image.



In closing, here are some images we took inside of our room at the Star Inn.


 Images were geotagged with a Sony GPS-CS3KA.

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