The Birthday Cruise

NCL "Breakaway"

August 2017

This was cruise number 26 in the last 7-1/2 years.  I was celebrating my 70th birthday during the cruise and felt it would be great if some family came along to help.  Besides, I didn't want a cake covered in candles and no open flames are allowed on the ship so that was covered.  We had Scott, Courtney, 4 of our 6 grandkids, and a nephew from Connecticut along.  

The cruise was aboard NCL's 3 year old ship, "Breakaway".  When at 100% capacity, the ship holds about 4,000 passengers.  This was a mid-summer cruise so there were several hundred kids aboard.  At first, I thought that was going to be an issue but, frankly, it didn't "feel" to crowded.

We sailed Sunday to Sunday on this 7 day cruise to Bermuda.  There were 2 sea days up front and 1 at the tail end.  We arrived in Bermuda on a Wednesday morning and sailed away on Friday afternoon around 2pm.

This webpage is a departure from the usual for me.  I'm offering here some videos about the cruise.  No rows of thumbnail images for you to browse through.  So, grab a coffee, turn up the vouume, sit back and enjoy...

The first video offers hi-lights of the cruise overall.  Not everything but enough to give you a flavor for it....

This slideshow video covers what I call the "Family Time" images...


There are some time lapse segments burried in the "Birthday Cruise" video.  The entire video doesn't fit into Flickr so I pulled out the time lapse videos into seperate files.  The videos will not auto stary so you will have to click on the Arrow within a Black Circle located in the center of the image.  Enjoy....

NYC Departure

Breakaway Pools

Bermuda Departure

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